Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 10 Cheetah Craze (Speckels)

Before anything else I would like to share an important announcement coming from Ty official FaceBook Fan Page. Few Beanie Boos are retiring :(

In a surprise development on April 29, 2013, Ty made an official retirement announcement for six of the Ty Beanie Boos. This announcement appeared at the official Ty Internet site and also at the Ty Facebook page. Although the retirement announcement appeared for the six Boos, they had not yet been changed to "retired" status in the collector's catalog section of the Ty site. It isn't known at this time whether Ty will continue to make official retirement announcements. (Source TY Collector website)

Pictures courtesy of Ty official Face Book Fan Page
KING (Lion)
PETUNIA ( Bunny)
NIBBLES (Guinea Pig)
NACHO (Chua-chua)
WOODY (Bunny)

Moving on...Let's continue the Cheetah Craze.
Today we have Speckles.
SPECKLES (Cheetah)
 Birthday-November 19
~I climb the tree oh so fast and then I pounce in a flash!~ 
and I would like to Feature NIBBLES (Guinea Pig) since It's retiring.
NIBBLES (Guinea Pig)
Birthday-February 8
~There's nothing better than to have a snack when I see food I'm on the attack!~ 
I will be featuring NACHO in the coming days together with the other Dogs :)
See you all again :)


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