Monday, May 27, 2013

Continuation of Under the Sea Adventure! PRETTY PENGUINS (Waddles, Paddles & Mysterious Pink)

Today We have Waddles & Paddles & One RARE Pink Penguin :)

Let me start with this RARE Find 
~Fresh from Germany~

Pink Penguin
Toy Show Fair Exclusive
(Ebay Germany)
No name & No Birthday

 WADDLES (Penguin)
Birthday- May 11
~When I swim, I go really fast but when I run, I'm usually last!~

 Back view
Heart Tags

Tush Tags

Top Heart Tag Showing Birthday on the left & Poem on the Right
Bottom Heart Tag Showing Birthday & Poem are on the Right 

 PADDLES (Penguins)

 Heart Tags 
Top Heart Tag Showing Poem & Birthday
Bottom Heart Tag Showing "Paddles" (No Birthday & No Poem) ~Germany Released~


Hope for Japan
~In friendship and support of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, 
Ty is donating $1 million to save the Children's relief efforts Japan~ 

Family Picture

Thank You for letting me share :)

God Bless our TROOPS!!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Under The Sea Adventure! Sandy & Myrtle ~TURTLES~

For Under the Sea Adventure Theme. Today I will be sharing SANDY & MYRTLE (Turtles)
Sandy Green (Turtle) celebrating his Birthday tomorrow! 
Myrtle Pink Turtle & also celebrating her Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Sandy!!!
Happy Birthday Myrtle!!!

 MYRTLE (Turtle)
Birthday- May 25
~My fancy pink shell looks so great but I'm a little slow so I might be late!~

 SANDY (Turtle)
Birthday-May 18
~I'm a sea turtle from the troubled Gulf Coast My wild friends and I need your help the most.~

100% of Ty's profits from the original purchase of this product will be donated to the Audubon Nature Institute in support of the Louisiana Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program, which offers rehabilitation to marine species stranded along Louisiana Gulf Coast. 

Audubon Nature Institute
Celebrating the wonders of Nature

 Group Pic

 (Left) Sandy No eyebrows & with regular eyes (Right) Sandy with pixie dust eyes & eyebrows

 Showing their Bodies

 Showing their Tummies

 Showing their Legs/Flippers

 Showing their Mouths

 Showing their Shells

 Heart Tags (The same)

Showing their CUTE Faces 


Monday, May 13, 2013


Today's featured Beanie Boos is GLAMOUR.

First one is the Justice Store Exclusive Glamour & The other one is Glamour from Ty.

 GLAMOUR (Leopard) 
(From Justice Store)
Birthday-January 20
~What kinda leopard is purple and pink The prettiest one I surely think~
GLAMOUR (Leopard)
(From Ty Store)
Birthday-may 5
~There are no better colors that purple & pink They make me so pretty I surely think~
 Side by Side Pictures

Thank you & See you again for more Beanie Boos FUN :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 12 RARE Beanie Boos...BURP! :)

Missing days of posting due to our busy Computer Business (SIDEWINDER COMPUTERS)
Oh well let me share a Very RARE Beanie Boos KIWI (Frog)

 KIWI (Frog)

I would say I'm very LUCKY to have Two KIWI in my Beanie Boos Collection! Would you??? :)

See you again :) 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 11 Beanie Boos Spell, Posy & Goldie (Birds)

Well I was very sick so I did'nt get the chance to post :( But Thank God today I'm feeling better after a few days of medication & rest. Allow me to share these 3 CUTE Beanie Boos...Spell, Posy & Goldie (Birds)

Birthday-July 31
~My feathers are snowy white, They look so good when I take flight~

 POSY (Bird)
Birthday-February 25
~I eat jelly beans almost everyday, They`re my favorite snack I have to say~ 

GOLDIE (Bird) *Retired*
Birthday-March 19
~ I like to hop and cannot fly I'm also just a little shy!~

Group Shot
 Goldie, Spell & Posy

Fly High & Reach for your Dream!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 10 Cheetah Craze (Speckels)

Before anything else I would like to share an important announcement coming from Ty official FaceBook Fan Page. Few Beanie Boos are retiring :(

In a surprise development on April 29, 2013, Ty made an official retirement announcement for six of the Ty Beanie Boos. This announcement appeared at the official Ty Internet site and also at the Ty Facebook page. Although the retirement announcement appeared for the six Boos, they had not yet been changed to "retired" status in the collector's catalog section of the Ty site. It isn't known at this time whether Ty will continue to make official retirement announcements. (Source TY Collector website)

Pictures courtesy of Ty official Face Book Fan Page
KING (Lion)
PETUNIA ( Bunny)
NIBBLES (Guinea Pig)
NACHO (Chua-chua)
WOODY (Bunny)

Moving on...Let's continue the Cheetah Craze.
Today we have Speckles.
SPECKLES (Cheetah)
 Birthday-November 19
~I climb the tree oh so fast and then I pounce in a flash!~ 
and I would like to Feature NIBBLES (Guinea Pig) since It's retiring.
NIBBLES (Guinea Pig)
Birthday-February 8
~There's nothing better than to have a snack when I see food I'm on the attack!~ 
I will be featuring NACHO in the coming days together with the other Dogs :)
See you all again :)


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 9 Happy Birthday to a Special Beanie Boos (GYPSY)

Well I skipped posting yesterday, I was very busy preparing for Hubby's Birthday Party...I would like to take this opportunity to greet my hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gummy Bear! & Sharing a special day with a very pretty Beanie Boos GYPSY (Pink Cheetah) Justice Store Exclusive.
GYPSY (Cheetah)
Birthday-April 28
~The spots on my fur look great I think but the best part is I'm a FABULOUS pink!~
Happy Birthday Gummy Bear!!! 
Thanks for letting me share & Have a FABULOUS Week! 
See you all again for more Beanie Boos FUN!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 8 Sharing my 2 Favorite Beanie Boos (Bugsy & Sting)

Today I will be sharing my Two most favorite Beanie Boos EVER!

Presenting Bugsy (Lady Bug) & Sting (Bee)

 BUGSY (Lady Bug)
Birthday- August 15th
~I'm the luckiest bug you've ever seen~

Birthday-September 24th
~ English class is a piece of cake, I' m the spelling bee champ for goodness sake!~



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 7 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Zebras)

Today I will be sharing 3 Cute Beanie Boos (Zebras)

Starting with:

WILD (Zebra) Justice Exclusive
Birthday- January 13
~ I'm the rarest zebra you've ever seen, because my body is purple and green!~
 ZIG-ZAG (Zebra) 
Birthday-June 14
~Wild fur is what you see, I have crazy stripes all over me!~
SAPPHIRE (Zebra) Justice Exclusive
Birthday-January 30th
~My stripes are pink, my mane is green I'm the wildest zebra you've ever see!~

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 6 Very RARE and Hard to Find Beanie Boos! KOALA

Today I was very excited to share my RARE Find from Ebay UK. I'm talking about the RARE KOALA BEAR. If you are not familiar with the Beanie Boos Collection KOOKY (Koala) is a very rare Beanie Boos. They will show up on Ebay once in awhile and with a high price tag some with Buy it now option & in some cases you can get it on a bidding war. Again its really up to your decision on how much you are willing to pay for the item. Patience is Virtue so if you are willing to wait I'm sure someday somehow you will find a good one on a reasonable price but then again these RETIRED Beanie Boos is very hard to come by. The simple law of Supply & Demand. 

Having KOOKY (Koala) in my collection is very rewarding. But as a collector my goal is get all the original very rare retired Beanie Boos, So I decided to check EBAY UK & to my surprised I found one seller that has BUBBLEGUM (Koala) for sale with Buy it now price or Best offer, Since its RARE I end up doing the buy it now & waited patiently for it to arrived safe & sound...Right now...It's very hard for me to believe that I'm a lucky owner of BUBBLEGUM (Koala).

Short History: 
In August 2009, the second release of beanie boos were released. Peanut had disappreared and the original Bubblegum (the koala) was renamed kooky. A new  pink lemur appeared named Bubblegum and a Bush Baby also was released named Cleo. There was much change from the first release, Waddles had changed from orange feet and wings to blue, Kiwi had a pink mouth instead of yellowy- orange and Slush and Bamboo had changed. 

KOOKY (Koala)
~Wild & Crazy~


Side By Side Picture Bubblegum is a little bigger thank Koala
Ty Tags

 Thank you & See you again :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 5 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Horse)

Just a very short presentation again because of my very busy day! :)
 Here she is:
DAKOTA (Horse) 
Birthday-June 25
~The other horses can't keep pace I gallop to victory every race!~ 

Dakota with LIGHT BROWN Hooves

Dakota with BLACK Hooves

Side by Side Picture

Giddy Up Horsey!!! :)
 See you all later!!! :)