Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 6 Very RARE and Hard to Find Beanie Boos! KOALA

Today I was very excited to share my RARE Find from Ebay UK. I'm talking about the RARE KOALA BEAR. If you are not familiar with the Beanie Boos Collection KOOKY (Koala) is a very rare Beanie Boos. They will show up on Ebay once in awhile and with a high price tag some with Buy it now option & in some cases you can get it on a bidding war. Again its really up to your decision on how much you are willing to pay for the item. Patience is Virtue so if you are willing to wait I'm sure someday somehow you will find a good one on a reasonable price but then again these RETIRED Beanie Boos is very hard to come by. The simple law of Supply & Demand. 

Having KOOKY (Koala) in my collection is very rewarding. But as a collector my goal is get all the original very rare retired Beanie Boos, So I decided to check EBAY UK & to my surprised I found one seller that has BUBBLEGUM (Koala) for sale with Buy it now price or Best offer, Since its RARE I end up doing the buy it now & waited patiently for it to arrived safe & sound...Right now...It's very hard for me to believe that I'm a lucky owner of BUBBLEGUM (Koala).

Short History: 
In August 2009, the second release of beanie boos were released. Peanut had disappreared and the original Bubblegum (the koala) was renamed kooky. A new  pink lemur appeared named Bubblegum and a Bush Baby also was released named Cleo. There was much change from the first release, Waddles had changed from orange feet and wings to blue, Kiwi had a pink mouth instead of yellowy- orange and Slush and Bamboo had changed. 

KOOKY (Koala)
~Wild & Crazy~


Side By Side Picture Bubblegum is a little bigger thank Koala
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 Thank you & See you again :)


  1. I don't suppose you're selling these? *smiles hopefully * x

  2. I have kookie this helped me alot