Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 10 Cheetah Craze (Speckels)

Before anything else I would like to share an important announcement coming from Ty official FaceBook Fan Page. Few Beanie Boos are retiring :(

In a surprise development on April 29, 2013, Ty made an official retirement announcement for six of the Ty Beanie Boos. This announcement appeared at the official Ty Internet site and also at the Ty Facebook page. Although the retirement announcement appeared for the six Boos, they had not yet been changed to "retired" status in the collector's catalog section of the Ty site. It isn't known at this time whether Ty will continue to make official retirement announcements. (Source TY Collector website)

Pictures courtesy of Ty official Face Book Fan Page
KING (Lion)
PETUNIA ( Bunny)
NIBBLES (Guinea Pig)
NACHO (Chua-chua)
WOODY (Bunny)

Moving on...Let's continue the Cheetah Craze.
Today we have Speckles.
SPECKLES (Cheetah)
 Birthday-November 19
~I climb the tree oh so fast and then I pounce in a flash!~ 
and I would like to Feature NIBBLES (Guinea Pig) since It's retiring.
NIBBLES (Guinea Pig)
Birthday-February 8
~There's nothing better than to have a snack when I see food I'm on the attack!~ 
I will be featuring NACHO in the coming days together with the other Dogs :)
See you all again :)


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 9 Happy Birthday to a Special Beanie Boos (GYPSY)

Well I skipped posting yesterday, I was very busy preparing for Hubby's Birthday Party...I would like to take this opportunity to greet my hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gummy Bear! & Sharing a special day with a very pretty Beanie Boos GYPSY (Pink Cheetah) Justice Store Exclusive.
GYPSY (Cheetah)
Birthday-April 28
~The spots on my fur look great I think but the best part is I'm a FABULOUS pink!~
Happy Birthday Gummy Bear!!! 
Thanks for letting me share & Have a FABULOUS Week! 
See you all again for more Beanie Boos FUN!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 8 Sharing my 2 Favorite Beanie Boos (Bugsy & Sting)

Today I will be sharing my Two most favorite Beanie Boos EVER!

Presenting Bugsy (Lady Bug) & Sting (Bee)

 BUGSY (Lady Bug)
Birthday- August 15th
~I'm the luckiest bug you've ever seen~

Birthday-September 24th
~ English class is a piece of cake, I' m the spelling bee champ for goodness sake!~



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 7 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Zebras)

Today I will be sharing 3 Cute Beanie Boos (Zebras)

Starting with:

WILD (Zebra) Justice Exclusive
Birthday- January 13
~ I'm the rarest zebra you've ever seen, because my body is purple and green!~
 ZIG-ZAG (Zebra) 
Birthday-June 14
~Wild fur is what you see, I have crazy stripes all over me!~
SAPPHIRE (Zebra) Justice Exclusive
Birthday-January 30th
~My stripes are pink, my mane is green I'm the wildest zebra you've ever see!~

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 6 Very RARE and Hard to Find Beanie Boos! KOALA

Today I was very excited to share my RARE Find from Ebay UK. I'm talking about the RARE KOALA BEAR. If you are not familiar with the Beanie Boos Collection KOOKY (Koala) is a very rare Beanie Boos. They will show up on Ebay once in awhile and with a high price tag some with Buy it now option & in some cases you can get it on a bidding war. Again its really up to your decision on how much you are willing to pay for the item. Patience is Virtue so if you are willing to wait I'm sure someday somehow you will find a good one on a reasonable price but then again these RETIRED Beanie Boos is very hard to come by. The simple law of Supply & Demand. 

Having KOOKY (Koala) in my collection is very rewarding. But as a collector my goal is get all the original very rare retired Beanie Boos, So I decided to check EBAY UK & to my surprised I found one seller that has BUBBLEGUM (Koala) for sale with Buy it now price or Best offer, Since its RARE I end up doing the buy it now & waited patiently for it to arrived safe & sound...Right now...It's very hard for me to believe that I'm a lucky owner of BUBBLEGUM (Koala).

Short History: 
In August 2009, the second release of beanie boos were released. Peanut had disappreared and the original Bubblegum (the koala) was renamed kooky. A new  pink lemur appeared named Bubblegum and a Bush Baby also was released named Cleo. There was much change from the first release, Waddles had changed from orange feet and wings to blue, Kiwi had a pink mouth instead of yellowy- orange and Slush and Bamboo had changed. 

KOOKY (Koala)
~Wild & Crazy~


Side By Side Picture Bubblegum is a little bigger thank Koala
Ty Tags

 Thank you & See you again :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 5 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Horse)

Just a very short presentation again because of my very busy day! :)
 Here she is:
DAKOTA (Horse) 
Birthday-June 25
~The other horses can't keep pace I gallop to victory every race!~ 

Dakota with LIGHT BROWN Hooves

Dakota with BLACK Hooves

Side by Side Picture

Giddy Up Horsey!!! :)
 See you all later!!! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 4 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Unicorns)

Since yesterday was a short presentation today I'm generous to share about 5 Beautiful Unicorns.

Just a short history about Unicorn-The unicorn is a legendary animal from European folklore that resembles a white horse with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead, and sometimes a goat's beard and cloven hooves. First mentioned by the ancient Greeks, it became the most important imaginary animal of the Middle Ages and Renaissance when it was commonly described as an extremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin. In the encyclopedias its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. (Source Wiki)

I would have to start with my Ultimate favorite. Purchased personally from Justice Store.  


TREASURE-(Unicorn) Birthday-January 15
~I collect jewels-that's no surprise My favorite gems match my eyes~

SKYLAR-(Unicorn) She has Pink ears, Pink fur on top of her head Pink Hooves & Pink tail. 
Birthday-November 20
~It's no secret that I intend To give you hugs and be your friend!~

WISHFUL-(Unicorn) She has Purple Ears, Purple Fur on top of her head Purple Hooves & Purple Tail. 
Birthday-November 10
~The best part of being a unicorn is giving wishes with my magical horn!~

RAINBOW-(Unicorn) Birthday-May 3
~My pretty colors match oh so well and my magic horn can cast a spell!~

MAGIC-(Unicorn) Birthday-September 20
~Everyone loves my pretty pink fur and casting spells is fun for sure!~


Treasure, Wishful, Skylar, Magic & Rainbow

See you all tomorrow for more Beanie Boos FUN! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 3 introduction of Beanie Boos (Lions)

The King of the Jungle is the Beanie Boos of the Day!

Presenting KING & HERO (Lion)

~I love to give a mighty roar, once or twice or sometimes more!~ 
KING (Lion)-Birthday-September 21
HERO (Lion) UK Exclusive Birthday-September 21

Picture side by side

It's a short presentation but they both deserve a round of applause! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!

See you all tomorrow for more Beanie Boos FUN! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 2 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Valentine Theme) Dogs, Monkeys, Giraffe & Elephant

Today is all about LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Valentine Theme Beanie Boos

I will be sharing pictures of Beanies Boos with "HEART"

Lets Start with my personal favorite TENDER (Elephant)-Birthday- February 14
~ There's no elephant as sweet as me, hearts even decorate my ears you see!~

Next is JULEP (Monkey)-Birthday-February 1
~I`m totally bananas over you, I` ts really really really true!~

Next is JUNGLELOVE (Giraffe)-Birthday-February 7
~I'm a romantic giraffe I surely think Even my body is red and pink ~

Presenting CASANOVA (MONKEY)-Birthday-January 3
~My temprature high my visions a blur, I` ve got a bad case of jungle love for sure!~

Doggies with Heart: COOKIE (Dog) 
 COOKIE (Dog with BROWN ears) & COOKIE (Dog with PINK ears)-Birthday-February 2
~When I see you I wag my tail, my love for you will never fail!~

Altogether Now :)

There you have it! See you tomorrow for more Beanie Boos Fun! Have a Nice Weekend Everyone :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 1 Introduction of Beanie Boos Easter Theme (Bunnies & Lambs)

Today I would like to share pictures and information about My very own "Hand Picked of the Day Beanie Boos" I would like to start with Easter Theme Beanie Boos which includes 3 Lambs & 4 Bunnies. I posted pictures of my own collection & provided their Birthdays & Poems that was written in their tags. Enjoy :)

Let me start with

BLOSSOM- Birthday April 10
~Pinks and greens are in my fur Spring time colors are best for sure~

Next one is another Lamb named

CLOVER (White) USA Version- Birthday-February 2
~Everyone thinks that I'm so cute and with my wool you can make a suit~
Next will be the

UK version CLOVER (Cream) No Birthday & No Poem

Let me share the Cute Bunnies made for Easter Celebration

First is CARROTS (White Bunny) Birthday-February 1st
~My bunny ears really help me hear~

Second Bunny is HOPSON (Dark Brown)- Birthday March 31
~From here to there I hop around Visiting friends all over town!~

Third Bunny is PETUNIA (Purple Bunny) Birthday-February 24
~I`m the fanciest bunny in the world I think, my body is purple and my ears are pink~

Last but not the least is WOODY UK Verison (Chocolate Bunny)-Birthday-April 25

~Woody- everyone loves my soft brown fur, and I hop so fast I'm just a blur!~

There you go...I will be updating this if we get some more additional Beanie Boos (Easter Theme) from TY for the coming years!!! 
Thanks for letting me share! See you tomorrow for more Beanie Boos Fun :)

Adding few more group pictures today:

Beanie Boos Collection

I'm very excited to blog and share about my Ty Beanie Boos Collection. These adorable toys was introduced to me by my two lovely daughters. They really love stuffed animals and not really into dolls. They will get baby dolls and Barbie dolls for their birthdays but will remain unopened because they are more interested in their DS games and Stuffed Toys. Moving on I was very curious on these Beanie Boos so I started doing my research on them. Since my daughters love them so much, I embraced the reality that, them being young and not earning money I will be the one buying it for them. One weekend a trip to one hotel's gift shop got their attention and they grabbed Beanie Boos Cookie (Dog) and Safari (Giraffe) the price is reasonable and since its made by Ty quality is really good. I paid for them and they were very excited and got attached to them instantly. After few more trips to malls and some more random gift shops, Their Beanie Boos collection is growing fast and big. I find it very cute because at the early age I was impressed on how they take care of their toys and also help me encourage and inspire them to save money for the stuff that they want to have and help me with household chores in exchange of buying or helping them to fund it. I really love collecting so I started doing my research on the Beanie Boos and was very determined to collect them all. So I went to Ty site and few more sites that has information about it. I finally narrowed down what I wanted and decided Im going to collect the 6" Boos. So the search begins and started hunting them one by one. Most of them was purchased at Ty store online they have free shipping for 2 and more Beanie Boos. I did buy some at Barnes and Noble and of course on those retired boos I turned ebay upside down and watch like for them like a Hawk. Im telling you its not easy but its very exciting and very fulfilling! :) Only those people that has a heart and soul for collecting will understand the feeling...Some will appreciate and enjoy eye candy and the rest will judge you and tell you, you are wasting your time and your money...My one great advise My Dear Reader...FOLLOW YOUR HEART! The joy of collection is within your heart. Call it collection or Hoarding its up for you to Decide. Remember people can judge you all they want but at the end of the day its time and its your hard earned money...Life is short ENJOY! God Speed :)