Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 2 Introduction of Beanie Boos (Valentine Theme) Dogs, Monkeys, Giraffe & Elephant

Today is all about LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Valentine Theme Beanie Boos

I will be sharing pictures of Beanies Boos with "HEART"

Lets Start with my personal favorite TENDER (Elephant)-Birthday- February 14
~ There's no elephant as sweet as me, hearts even decorate my ears you see!~

Next is JULEP (Monkey)-Birthday-February 1
~I`m totally bananas over you, I` ts really really really true!~

Next is JUNGLELOVE (Giraffe)-Birthday-February 7
~I'm a romantic giraffe I surely think Even my body is red and pink ~

Presenting CASANOVA (MONKEY)-Birthday-January 3
~My temprature high my visions a blur, I` ve got a bad case of jungle love for sure!~

Doggies with Heart: COOKIE (Dog) 
 COOKIE (Dog with BROWN ears) & COOKIE (Dog with PINK ears)-Birthday-February 2
~When I see you I wag my tail, my love for you will never fail!~

Altogether Now :)

There you have it! See you tomorrow for more Beanie Boos Fun! Have a Nice Weekend Everyone :)

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