Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 1 Introduction of Beanie Boos Easter Theme (Bunnies & Lambs)

Today I would like to share pictures and information about My very own "Hand Picked of the Day Beanie Boos" I would like to start with Easter Theme Beanie Boos which includes 3 Lambs & 4 Bunnies. I posted pictures of my own collection & provided their Birthdays & Poems that was written in their tags. Enjoy :)

Let me start with

BLOSSOM- Birthday April 10
~Pinks and greens are in my fur Spring time colors are best for sure~

Next one is another Lamb named

CLOVER (White) USA Version- Birthday-February 2
~Everyone thinks that I'm so cute and with my wool you can make a suit~
Next will be the

UK version CLOVER (Cream) No Birthday & No Poem

Let me share the Cute Bunnies made for Easter Celebration

First is CARROTS (White Bunny) Birthday-February 1st
~My bunny ears really help me hear~

Second Bunny is HOPSON (Dark Brown)- Birthday March 31
~From here to there I hop around Visiting friends all over town!~

Third Bunny is PETUNIA (Purple Bunny) Birthday-February 24
~I`m the fanciest bunny in the world I think, my body is purple and my ears are pink~

Last but not the least is WOODY UK Verison (Chocolate Bunny)-Birthday-April 25

~Woody- everyone loves my soft brown fur, and I hop so fast I'm just a blur!~

There you go...I will be updating this if we get some more additional Beanie Boos (Easter Theme) from TY for the coming years!!! 
Thanks for letting me share! See you tomorrow for more Beanie Boos Fun :)

Adding few more group pictures today:

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