Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 11 Beanie Boos Spell, Posy & Goldie (Birds)

Well I was very sick so I did'nt get the chance to post :( But Thank God today I'm feeling better after a few days of medication & rest. Allow me to share these 3 CUTE Beanie Boos...Spell, Posy & Goldie (Birds)

Birthday-July 31
~My feathers are snowy white, They look so good when I take flight~

 POSY (Bird)
Birthday-February 25
~I eat jelly beans almost everyday, They`re my favorite snack I have to say~ 

GOLDIE (Bird) *Retired*
Birthday-March 19
~ I like to hop and cannot fly I'm also just a little shy!~

Group Shot
 Goldie, Spell & Posy

Fly High & Reach for your Dream!

Have a GREAT weekend!


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